Yakhi, The BEEF Stops Here!

The only true Burger Joint in Abu Dhabi. The owners, a UAE national and an American from New York City, didn't want to just import another franchise. They felt that the Emirates wanted something better. What's the Grand Central difference? It all comes down to three fundamentals:

  • Quality Products – We only serve the freshest of food. Pure prime angus beef minced daily in our kitchen. Organic chicken from Al Ain's poultry farms. Whole wheat bread baked fresh everyday. Shakes made from actual ice cream. Non-processed cheddar cheese. Whenever we can, we source all our ingredients locally.

  • Simplicity is Beauty – Not only do we keep it real, we also keep it simple. We don't believe in making many things mediocre. We believe in making only a few things incredibly great.

  • Our Staff, Our Family – In order to have great service, a restaurant needs great people. We treat our employees as if they are part of our family. Indeed, in the Emirates most members of our multi-national staff have left their families far-away, making GC their home away from home and their fellow staff mates, their family. We love our Grand Central Family, and they, in turn, love our guests.

We take these three fundamentals, package them in an incredibly cool look and feel, add in some cutting-edge products (like our minis or our delicious all-the-way burger) and all of this makes for an amazing eating experience – one made in Abu Dhabi, but unlike any other burger joint in our nation. One that we hope to export from Abu Dhabi to the World, and eventually the Galaxy!